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Tandem, a premier language exchange platform, facilitates the connection with language learners worldwide. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from native speakers at no cost, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. As a leading conversation exchange community, Tandem provides a space for individuals to find language exchange partners online effortlessly. The platform's user-friendly interface fosters seamless connections, promoting effective language learning through real-life conversations. With Tandem, learners have a valuable resource to enhance their language proficiency, connecting with a diverse community of speakers and gaining practical experience to become fluent in their target languages.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Hannover, Germany.
  • Founders: Tandem.net was founded by Arnd Aschentrup, Tobias Dickmeis, Matthias Kleimann.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2015.

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This app is just not helpful.
door Anonymous

This app is just not helpful. After signing up, I only got 23 views on my profile in the first day. It's kind of silly, since other apps usually give you at least 100 views when you're new. I feel like it's designed to push you into buying VIP status. Also, people on there don't seem too interested in chatting. No one's sending messages, and if you send one, you rarely get a response. Even though I put effort into my profile and added nice photos. It's especially frustrating when someone says they want to learn your language and has good reviews like "nice to talk with" or "good conversation partner," but then they don't even reply to your message.

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After a week on Tandem, I found
door Aleks

After a week on Tandem, I found many folks helping me with the language I'm learning, and others wanting assistance with my native language. No scams, but lots of oddballs. Tandem's okay, so I got a subscription to support it, although it hasn't helped much. As for the odd ones: Some just say hi and don't really talk. Others want to chat in multiple languages just to chat. Then there are those who get bored quickly and ditch the conversation. Tandem should make sure people know the basics before matching them, and let paying users avoid the unmotivated ones. They ruin it for everyone.

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Tandem presents itself as a language
door A. K.

Tandem presents itself as a language exchange app but feels more like a budget dating site. After just two days of use, I deleted it. The lack of messages and prevalence of seemingly fake profiles, along with questionable photos, left me skeptical. Moreover, the necessity of paid access adds to the disappointment. Overall, Tandem was a letdown and not worth my time.

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Van egy aggodalomra okot adó hiányosság
door Zoë

Van egy aggodalomra okot adó hiányosság a moderálásban az alkalmazáson. Kérem, fogadjon (több) embert az álprofilok kezelésére. Három napja vagyok a platformon, és az első napon bejelentett három nyilvánvalóan hamis profil még mindig aktív. Imádom a koncepciót, de így gyorsan veszélyessé válik.

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Hey everyone! The company attracts
door Slev Slevslev

Hey everyone! The company attracts serious individuals, like myself, but the free app and website also draw in a bunch of less serious folks. It's pretty evident if you pay attention. Just stay focused, keep those messages detailed, and you'll connect with like-minded people.

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Unsubscribing from their emails be hard
door Anonymous

Unsubscribing from their emails be hard, and getting in touch with a real person be even harder. Their service expensive, and the price ain't clear until you already in.

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Lot of people use it, free version is good.
door Henri

Lot of people use it, free version is good. Not many users from Nordic or Eastern Europe, but it's okay for popular languages.

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