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This company is on a mission to address urban challenges like congestion, air quality, and overcrowding by promoting cycling in cities. They believe that bikes offer a solution to these issues, being fast, fun, and eco-friendly. Bicycles are not only beneficial for physical health but also contribute to mental well-being. Their mission is straightforward: to utilize bikes as a tool for creating a more sustainable and livable future in urban areas. They are committed to unlocking a brighter future for everyone through the promotion of cycling.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, England.
  • Founders: Buzzbike.com was founded by Andy Nunn, Tom Hares.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2016.

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Buzzbike was so hand for me
door Seán

Buzzbike was so hand for me. I was stayin in London for half a year and needed a way to get around. Biking was ideal (convenience, health, speed etc), but I didn't want to have to buy a new bike and then deal with offloading it later on, and costing more money. So I got one of the Buzzbike e-bikes and was a great decision! The e-bike was handy for days when I felt like taking it a bit easier. The price was low in comparison to what I would've paid for the tube, and was quicker anyway and meant I didn't have to endure rush hour tubes in the summer heat. The pickup and dropoff (when I finished my subscription upon leaving London) were all very smooth, and their customer service was great whenever I had any questions.

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Real deal
door Carolyn M

Real deal. My life has seriously improved ever since I started using their service. And not just because it's easier on my wallet, but also because it's made my daily commute so much simpler. Seriously, I used to dread having to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, ride it, and then walk to the gym. It was such a hassle. But now with buzzbike, I can just ride my bike straight there and get in a little workout too. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Plus, I'm getting healthier and getting places faster. I can't thank buzzbike enough for making my life easier and helping me stay fit. They're the best!

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Great bike, but God forbid
door Peter Byrne

Great bike, but God forbid you need their customer service. My bike didn't get delivered on time because their system showed no ID confirmed despite having a confirmation email. Then my bike got stolen, and the back-and-forth resulted in so many erroneous emails. I did not want a replacement, but they sent one. I sent back the battery but got another email scheduling the collection date again. There are no central checks or a database to log all the activities, which is worrying for a company that needs to have spot-on operations.

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The experience was exceptional for several
door Margaret

The experience was exceptional for several reasons. Initially, my first bike was slightly small, but the process of exchanging it for a larger one was seamless, thanks to smooth communication. The person delivering the bike was incredibly friendly and warm. I utilized the bike for my commute from Canary Wharf to KGX, and it was in excellent technical condition. Unfortunately, due to moving countries, I couldn't continue. The handover and cancellation processes were also incredibly easy, adding to the overall positive experience.

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If you want a good bike for commuting
door Ian

If you want a good bike for commuting, this company is a good choice. I used to ride a lot before moving. Renting here seemed a good way to see if cycling works for me. The CTY bike is good: reliable, smooth, with gears for speed and hills. I recommend it. Buzzbike seems like a fair and caring company. Ordering is smooth, conditions are clear, and they provide useful materials. Prices seem fair too. Thanks for getting me back into cycling!

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I signed up for the standard bike plan
door Essam

I signed up for the standard bike plan, and it performed satisfactorily. Later, I switched to an ebike, and I must say their customer service was spot-on and incredibly supportive throughout the process.

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One of the best companies
door J-O

One of the best companies, Buzzbike. Whenever I need any help, they are always available and support me. I'm happy.

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