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Partnering with Maven to introduce proactive pet care to your patients is a seamless process, promising enhanced pet health and increased revenue for your organization. Maven's innovative approach revolutionizes pet care by harnessing technology, offering a novel type of veterinarian accessible in the palm of your hand. This digital veterinarian provides continuous monitoring, ensuring the safety and well-being of pets around the clock. With Maven, pet owners can stay connected and informed about their pets' health, fostering peace of mind. This partnership is an opportunity to elevate the standard of pet care while boosting your organization's financial prospects.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in United States.
  • Founders: Maven.pet was founded by David Barroso, Guilherme Coelho, Paulo Fonseca, Virgílio Bento.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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We’ve been using Maven for over
door Gwendolyn

We’ve been using Maven for over a year now and it’s absolutely amazing! We’ve used other products however they were plagued with issues, the customer service was terrible, and you were basically a number. With Maven, you’re a client. The product itself paired with a veterinarian to keep watch over your dog has already saved me plenty of vet visits!

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Just discovered Maven through
door Mandy Richardson

Just discovered Maven through a friend's recommendation and recently became a member. Impressed by their commitment to quality pet care with a genuine vet overseeing my pup's well-being. Now, I'm eager to experience the same level of excellent service for myself!

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I appreciate this company's
door Yazmin

I appreciate this company's assistance in maintaining my dog's well-being. I find it invaluable that I can access help for my dog whenever needed, regardless of the issue. My only suggestion is that they consider offering collars in different colors.

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Ive been a Maven user for almost 2 years now
door Sydney

Ive been a Maven user for almost 2 years now - Maven has been a life saver for me and for my fur babies. Any time I have needed a consult on my animals' health, they have been here. I hope to stay a member of the Maven family for a long time.

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This company is very helpful in
door Yazmin S

This company is very helpful in keeping my dog well. I love that I can get help for my dog no matter the issue at any moment. My only wish is that they would offer collars in different colors.

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I'm consistently impressed by how they
door Solis

I'm consistently impressed by how they track my pets and I see results. If something pops up, I get a quick reply from the vet. I'm so thankful for having Maven Pet in my life.

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It's a peace of mind knowing
door Ken L

It's a peace of mind knowing that anytime you need suggestions for your furry friend, you have a great professional to ask.

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